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Decorate It Yourself

Happy Living Room Decoration

Often the rooms that seem the most pleasant and comfortable are the ones where we feel at home, the ones where we feel peaceful and happy. Anyone who has ever watched a home improvement or house decorating TV show knows that they operate slowly, they do the decorating step by step 
So when you started decorating your own house you have got to make your decoration plans. Making the plans is the key to the happy ending. 
We all like different things when it comes to the decoration. Some of us like softer warmer colors, some like deep darker colors, some like brighter stronger colors. 
First of all, find out what do you like, ask yourself what colors make me feel I am home? What color makes me feel like I am in a happy place, listen to yourself . We all look the magazines, TVs and internet to get ideas from for decorating. Of course some of us can afford a designer to design our home. What designers do may involve less hustle but in some ways it’s not that different than what we can do on our own.

In some cases we end up being unhappy with our home decoration that we spent a lot of money on.  
One think we should remember, We are the one who is going to live in that house. 
That is why we need to figure out what fits me best, what makes me happy, what makes me relax when we I go to the home. 
The home where we get rest where we forget all issues that we face on a daily bases. 
After we figure it out what fits our taste the most.  
Now time start to decorating our home. 
Let the fun begun! 

Let’s start with the living room,
The living room is where family and friends can sit together and have good times. The best arrangement is a sofa with two chairs on either side of it, another pair facing, and two benches. 
A room is inviting when it has comfortable seating (sofas, chairs and benches) and a bit of casualness. It is more charming to place the chairs at a slight angle. If a room looks like it has been laid out on graph, it will feel like a doctors office. 
After you placed your sofa and chairs now time to place the coffee table and side tables.  

When you pick your coffee table make sure it has concept to make your living room stunning. In 2019 and 2020 a trend would be a 2 tiered self-style coffee table. It's more useful and you can stock your magazines on the bottom shelf and have your tray on the top shelf. 
Let’s place the side tables now.  
You can place your side table each side of your sofa also at least one between your chairs. 
If you have a fireplace you might want to place a mirror on top of it  
If you don’t have a fireplace, no worries, you can place a console table and a mirror on top of it. Some flowers and a table lamp on the console would make it more classy.  

Don’t forget you need some pillows for your sofa and the chairs, candle holders and trays to complete your decoration. This is the simple way. Decorate It Yourself